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Thank you for your support!

     Lily’s Bakery is temporarily closed for all orders. I will continue teaching classes and attending events as I make this transition. Thank you so much for your support and understanding!


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Continue reading for a personal note.


     As some may know, I am finishing my senior year of high school and thinking about my upcoming experiences. Along with this is the task of moving out of and selling my childhood home. As one may imagine, running a business out of a home is not easy without having one. I will be transitioning to my Dad’s home in Sequim, WA. I don’t plan on restarting my business in its current capacity in this new location. I do know I will continue pursuing the things that bring me joy and expand my mindset.


     I am unsure and undecided of precisely what’s to come with this business and any new ventures. I am incredibly grateful for the many people in my life who have helped me learn, given me opportunities, and revolutionized my life.


     I would like to give special thanks to the following; Emily Brown, Dawn Motes, Danyell Vertin, Hillary Carstens, and Sarah Frost for your mentorship and the opportunities you have afforded me, Chrysalis School, Rachel, and Margaret for your incredible support, and both of the Patricks at FedEx. 

Thank you,



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